"Good" for people's comfortable daily life.

Our brands name,TOV, is Hebrew language which is Middle East language. Middle east is located between Europe and Asia.
TOV has meaning 「nice」and「beautiful」, this contain our wish that every people feel confortable, when people use our stuffs.


  • Yamakawa Genki who is a Present CEO of Unthology has started 「TOV」at autumn/ winter in 2017.
  • 「TOV」has become Corporation Unthology in 2018, and Oshiro Mayumi become a new director and designer.
  • Unthology showroom is located Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo from 2018. And, the Unthology has started to the collection from FW season in 2018.


Designer /Oshiro Mayumi

Oshiro Mayumi is from Okinawa, Japan.
Her career has started in Japan.
After that, she had gain some experiences as a pattern maker at the bag factory of high-brand in Italy.
She has become a new director and designer of 「TOV」from FW season in 2018.
Her work express not only simple but also modified classical style.
Her style has a concept which is harmonization with the daily attire.